By checking the box on the order form, I agree to the following...

I agree to this purchase of either 1) one single payment of $2,783 or 2) 3 monthly payments of $1,097.

I am entitled to receive the items listed below from The Wholesale Formula according to the release schedule provided below:

  • 24/7 Lifetime Access to The Wholesale Formula Training Program
  • All Future Updates To The Wholesale Formula Training Program
  • Invitation to the exclusive TWF Momentum Facebook Group for the first 9 weeks of your new student journey where all questions are guaranteed to be answered by a TWF Expert
  • After your first 9 weeks, an invitation to join our TWF Alumni Facebook community
  • Access To The Business Owners Playbook Mini-Course
  • Access To The VA Launchpad Mini-Course
  • Access To The Brand Optimization Formula Course
  • 9 Week Membership In The TWF Coaching Momentum Program

I acknowledge that additional bonuses or offers not listed above will not be provided by The Wholesale Formula. Bonuses promised by affiliate partners are the affiliate partner's responsibility to provide and are not the responsibility of The Wholesale Formula.

I acknowledge that the items listed above will NOT be provided to me immediately after purchase, but will instead be released to me periodically between the date of enrollment and October 17, 2021. Any request for earlier release will be denied.

I acknowledge the items listed above will be provided to me on the following schedule and will NOT be released to me any earlier:


I agree to paying upfront the amount in full of $2,783 OR taking the payment plan option of $3,291 to be paid in 3 monthly payments of $1,097 each automatically drafted from my card on file every 30 days until the total is received.

I understand that if any of my payments are not received for any reason by the due date, The Wholesale Formula reserves the right to immediately revoke access to any of the items listed above.

I acknowledge that if I enroll with the payment plan, that original payment of $1,097 made at the time of enrollment is considered a non-refundable deposit and will NOT be refunded under any circumstance. I recognize that if I request a refund at any time, that request will be denied.

I acknowledge that if I enroll with the pay-in-full option with an upfront payment of $2,783, I will have 30 days from my date of enrollment to request a refund and receive that refund with no questions asked. I recognize that if I request a refund beyond 30 days from the date of my purchase, that request will be denied.

I acknowledge that any payment plan payments received for The Wholesale Formula will not be refunded even if I do not complete all 3 monthly payments and lose access to the items listed above.

I acknowledge that if I enroll with the payment plan option with a payment of $1,097 per month for 3 months, I have 29 days from the date of purchase to request to be changed to the pay-in-full option of $2,783. After 30 days, I will be required to maintain the payment plan option or my access to the items above will be revoked without refund.

I understand that The Wholesale Formula is an online training program consisting of videos I can watch when I please and is NOT a live training program.

I understand that my 9-week enrollment in the TWF Coaching Momentum Program was included in my TWF enrollment as a bonus at no additional cost to me.

I understand that my 9-Week Membership in the TWF Coaching Momentum Program begins immediately and cannot be delayed or postponed.

I acknowledge my enrollment in the TWF Coaching Momentum Program will end on September 18th and that I will be removed from the Coaching Management Platform and the TWF Momentum Facebook Community at that time (and will then be offered an invitation to join the TWF Alumni Facebook Community.)

I acknowledge the TWF Coaching Momentum Program is designed for new students going through The Wholesale Formula for the first time.

I understand that I will have the opportunity to, but am not required, to attend Live Q&A Sessions every two weeks. I understand TWF Coaches provide multiple sessions and that a Session Schedule is given to me in advance, but that it may not always accommodate me. I understand that should I not attend Live Q&A Sessions, I am not entitled to a private session. I understand that I will be able to access all Q&A Session recordings inside the Momentum Program within 48 business hours of the live session.

I understand it is my own responsibility, not that of TWF Coaches nor the TWF Team, to follow my roadmap, attend scheduled Q&A sessions, complete tasks and mark items complete on my roadmap.

I acknowledge that the TWF Coaching Momentum Program grants me access to the TWF Coaching Management Platform where I will receive a roadmap of actions to take to progress through The Wholesale Formula training while actively starting (or growing) my business. While this is here for my benefit to push me to take action and hold me accountable, it is not a requirement.

I understand that the TWF Coaching Momentum Program is NOT a one-on-one coaching program and that I will not have private sessions with a TWF Coach nor am I entitled to receive direct correspondence from a TWF Coach outside of Live Coaching Q&A Sessions.

I consent to join the email list for all information, updates, and newsletters regarding The Wholesale Formula. I recognize I may unsubscribe at any time by clicking the "unsubscribe" button in any email received or by request to [email protected]

I recognize that The Wholesale Formula results vary and are not guaranteed. The success I have is largely dependent on the actions that I take.

If you have any questions regarding these terms and conditions, please email our team at [email protected]